Simpler, purer circuits


At Ayon Audio, we feel that tubes are sonically superior, as their generally simpler circuits and smaller number of components allow purer signal path and consequently more truthful signal handling. This is because fewer components provide for fewer elements in a circuit to degrade the signal, distort and muddle the sound. Simple circuits also provide for inherently higher reliability, since there are fewer parts that can fail. Tubes are also more tolerant of circuit drifts and deviations in component specifications, and thus can be used in simpler and purer circuits.

Vacuum Tubes

The choice of signal and power tubes have a significant influence on the sound and hence on the inspiration and joy of listening. This is not only the decision between good and bad tubes but finally the interaction of the different types of tubes and their combination that are used in the various Ayon amplifiers. Today only few manufacturers still produce tubes for pure audio amplification; one of them is Ayon Audio with its outstanding single-ended triode power tubes (AA32B-S, AA52B-S and AA62B) based on the WE 300B.

Dual Grounding System

The modification of the grounding topology leads to increased rejection of noise from the power supply and other areas. The dual grounding topology used in all of our amplifiers is quite unique to the whole hi-end tube amplification industry. Such extensive topology provides for quieter backdrop for which the music can unfold in its entirety. It further establishes the quick and controlled bass response and the full-bodied expression of the high frequency. The ground leg of the signal has not been neglected and given meticulous attention in its implementation. The importance of proper grounding cannot be over emphasized.

Mechanical Construction

The high-grade aluminium chassis impart a richer, more lustrous tonality with a cleaner background and less hash and grain. All brushed anodized anti-vibration/resonance and non- magnetic chassis are fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship.



1994: We began to design and make our first tube amplifier in Italy under the brand name “ Vaic” , it called Vaic 52B monoblock and was a single-ended triode power amp and with this amplifier our career starts up internationally.

1996: We got for this amp a 5-star review from Harry Pearson “TAS-Absolute Sound”.
Triode power tubes were made by Alesa Vaic in Prague at that time and he was only responsible for tubes and was not engaged with our amplifiers although we used his name.

1998: Alesa Vaic stopped tube production and went out from this business.


1999: We merged “Vaic” to Ayon Audio and in the same year we took over a part of the old Alesa Vaic tube factory, we renewed machinery and involved the former Tesla chief tube engineer.

2000: AYON started producing our single-ended triode power tubes in Prague and we can pragmatically say that Ayon tubes quality is nowadays the best, over more then10 years we optimized everything and made it perfect, for an example we are using “laboratory” glass the highest glass standard, gold wire for filament, special zirconium coating for anode plate and special welding progress to keep highest precision which is extremely important for high power SE-triode tubes.

We merged the brand name to Ayon and production moved back from Italy to Austria, it was the only way to overcome skills and technical limits in search for totally enhanced performance, we improved dramatically expertise, research & development and, of course, our engineering power. We had to turn around totally to make the next big step ahead to bring Ayon quickly to the top of high-end performance brands, to do that we increased our engineering team rapidly. With this important step ahead, I had a vision in my mind to bring Ayon beyond the top tube equipment manufacturers... and we did it even before the most optimistic plans.

We start up to design a new generation of amplifiers with thick-machined Aluminium chassis to achieve a much better sound performance than stainless steel chassis and combined with new circuit and output transformer design.

2001: AYON exhibited first time at the CES-Las Vegas with the Ayon Reference 52B monoblock and Lumen White Loudspeaker; we got “best sound of the Show” by the most important top High- End magazines around the world.

2002: We build our first SE integrated amps, the Ayon 300B amp and then later on the Sunrise with AA32B tubes.

2003: We introduced the first Ayon loudspeaker, the Dragon.

2004: We launched a ceramic driver based speaker line, like the Falcon, Seagull & Eagle. It was one of the first speakers entirely managed with ceramic drivers, following Lumen White’s experience.

2005: The next important milestone for Ayon was the introduction of the “state of the Art” Spheris preamplifier featuring a completely new and revolutionary preamp design and Regenerator tube power supply technologies and amazing NOS tubes from the golden age of Siemens.

2006: AYON introduced a new intergraded amplifier line equipped with KT88, the Spirit, and 6C33 tubes, the Spark to expand the amplifier line with new price classes.

Many customers and distributors asked for an Ayon CD-Player with tube output stage based on the same design as our amplifiers so we finally introduced Ayon’s first CD Player. We adopted a reliable Sony mechanism, the own Sony servo-board and we used a high performance Digital D/A converter section developed with Stream Unlimited assistance. The CD-1 was born. We had no expectations from digital players, but we discovered soon it was the beginning of a long digital journey for Ayon. The CD- 1 and CD-3 became an unexpected big success world, wide with many big reviews and awards.


2007: We started to develop the second advanced CD-Player generation (CD-2, CD-1s and CD-07) with totally new digital technologies in cooperation with “Stream Unlimited” based in Vienna, (a spin-off from the original Philips team of engineers developing the CD standard, format and design in the 80ies) this was the ideal “digital” partner for the new Ayon CD-Players. We designed a new chassis, new D/A converter, new mechanism and new 6H30 output stage without any feedback and with the shortest 6H30 circuit and signal path design without any compromise in sound performance, features, handling and built quality in their classes, the CD-1s had nothing to do anymore with the first generation based CD-1.


2008: AYON introduced the 62B based Single-Ended Vulcan mono block and the Polaris preamp, the little brother of the Spheris, with outstanding design and Regenerator tube power supply.

2009: AYON introduced the CD-5 reference CD-Player and the Reference DAC – Skylla.
Also the next amplifier milestone from Ayon was ready, the 62B based Crossfire  integrated amplifier. Since than many prize, awards, “best sound of the show” nominations flowed, as long as stunning reviews on worldwide magazines, blogs and fanizines.

2010: The new Triton tube amplifier was born following the demands of our customers form many EU and American markets. It was again an instant success.
The new “state of the art” 4 chassis Spheris II Linestage and Sperhis II Phonostage combination, cost on object pure performance.

We launched the S-3 Network-Player, the first Network-Player ever with tube output stage. AYON also introduced the next milestone, the new “AUTO-FIXED-BAIS” system for tubes amplifiers combined with a cute tube protection circuit and tube self-testing program. This system has absolutely no loss in sound or power or other negative concomitants, but improved the life of tubes and the daily performance of Ayon’s amplifiers.

2011: AYON received an outstanding review about Vulcan II, CD-5s and Polaris III in TAS/USA, “The Bugatti of Audio”. The audiophile world was stunned for such a high grade nomination.


2012: The next outstanding products were launched, the S-5 Reference Network-Player (the first one with external tube power supply) and then the NW-T. (Network-Transport). Also in this year the CD-T (CD-Transport) was born, again the first tube transport unit ever.

2013: After almost 6 years production time of our Skylla D/A converter it was time to re-new it with the new Stealth and Stratos DAC’s, the first tube based D/A converters with DSD worldwide. During the Munich show we introduced a new Ayon speaker Line, the Backfire, Blackhawk and Black Arrow, perfectly matched also for low powered tube amplifiers and very easy to drive, Instrument plywood cabinet, almost no any damping material is used.

We introduced the smaller brother of the Stealth / Stratos DAC, the Sigma. The Sigma is a breakthrough for Ayon and unique in its price class. It is the first tube output DAC to be equipped with a DSD conversion section. Our main target was to build a superb sounding tube DAC for a more affordable price. 

End of 2013 we started also the third and latest generation of our CD-Players: CD-1sx and CD- 3sx, the first tube based CD-Players worldwide with DSD D/A converter on board.

2014: AYON introduced an updated Spheris III and Polaris III with a revolutionary new volume control system. We introduced the “reference” Auris preamplifier (the smaller brother of our famous Spheris & Polaris), its modular concept has a wide range of flexibilities and its sound performance is self-speaking for an Ayon Preamp.

The next innovative product was launched, the NW-T / DSD, native DSD Network transport, the first tube based network player.

2017: We launched the CD35 the first super audio CD equipped with a tube output stage, an instant classic awards winning.

2018: We launched the CD35HF, top class version of the Cd35 with many improvements in all areas to reach a top reference level in digital high-end reproduction.

2019: FRANCESCO MELI is AYON’s ambassador worldwide! Francesco is a world-famous tenor from a new generation. He is world recognized for having the same vocal power than the famous Italian traditions, but the most pure vocal technique in opera singing as never seen in many years. This combination and his on-stage presence and capabilities as an actor, quickly launched Francesco in the “Olimpo” of opera with truly many fans in the major theaters of the world.
Francesco sings with the most important conductors, in all the main theaters, he sided the most important singers before himself reaching a star role in conductors’ and opera lovers worldwide.
Unusual that a music professional is addicted to high-end, but when Francesco heard Ayon’s performance wanted to meet the people behind the brand and in Graz started a new journey with Francesco leading Ayon’s performances

to a wider knowledge than Audiophile lovers, a completely new parterre for high-end (and our movement needs it so much).